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Vinyasa inspired yoga classes for all levels in a creative sequencing close to you in Zurich.

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Come, try one of my classes in Zurich. My style is a creative, energizing vinyasa flow finishing on a more quiet note, some restorative or yin poses, a short meditation or pranayama. 

Let’s move, find length and strength in your body and take some time just for you to recharge in the midst of a busy day. 

Even, if you are new to yoga, or don’t consider yourself to be flexible, my classes are still for you: I would love to help you find your way into a pose while doing some good breathing, lengthening and releasing for your body.

It is not about reaching your toes at all.

What is Wachmoment?

My Name is Ilona, I am a designer and yoga teacher and to me, the German term ‘Wachmoment’ captures the essence of yoga.

In the research of sleep, every night, we are going through different stages of sleep. From a dreaming phase (REM), we go into light sleep, followed by deep sleep and then cycle back again. Between a light sleep and dreaming phase, there are these almost-awake moments, where we are closest to awakening.

This moment is called ‘Wachmoment’, the ideal moment in which a sleep phase alarm clock is supposed to wake you up and when you will wake up fresh and full of energy.